In the mid-1980s, I was witness to an incident where an upgrade to the SS7 software used in AT&T's long distance network took most of North America's long distance service down hard for more than twenty-four hours. It was then that I began formulating what came to be called Pinkston's Law: MOST OUTAGES BEGIN AS UPGRADES

Over the years since, I have seen this happen so often that whenever I hear of a major telecom or data service outage, my first thought is, "Must have been an upgrade. Pinkston's Law." In the vast majority of cases it turns out that that's exactly what it was! So, at the urging of those closest to me, I've started this blog to chronicle the occurrences of Pinkston's law whenever I hear of them.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl blackout - not caused by Beyonce, but possibly by Pinkston's Law?

There is a lot of finger-pointing down in NOLA-land with regard to the 35-minute power failure during the Super Bowl. So far, it does not look like we can blame it on Beyonce's lip-syncing awesome performance at half-time or her membership in the Illuminati.

Instead, it looks like Pinkston's Law may have had a hand:
A recent electrical system upgrade at the Superdome may have contributed to the blackout during the Super Bowl Sunday, officials say.
Full article is at the UPI website.